Are you stressed out and looking for relief and and sense of tranquillity?
Are you getting massages but tensions quickly come back?
Do you want to experience such a deep relaxation, like you never had before, because there was always something distracting you, or annoying thoughts prevented you from drifting off into alternative state of consciousness?
It is time for fuller, deeper and more effective way!
Enjoy the benefits of over thousand years old tradition of sound massage with Himalayan singing bowls.
Their vibrations quickly, automatically and naturally allow the body to enter a state of incredible relaxation, beautifully calm the mind, removing stresses and tensions. All you need to do is lay down in comfort, allow yourself to be cocooned by the sounds around you and drift off with them for the deepest tension release.
Your brain will also thank you for it, it naturally attunes to the low frequency of the characteristic effect of overlapping overtones of each singing bowl, automatically entering Delta state and deeply resting.

With accompanying drum that harmonises with our natural heartbeat rhythm, as well as other ethnic instruments, you are going to go on multi sound journey that will connect you to the deepest, most natural part of yourself…


Group sessions allow invoking deeper sense of wellbeing, general relaxation and calming of the mind.

It is a real journey of sounds and vibrations…

No experience necessary. When you come over and lay down…simply consider what has been bothering you for a while that kept you stressed and how would you like to be instead in a positive way. Create an intention for this unique sound journey, or simply form a good affirmation. Or simply enjoy the sounds and vibrations…

Special Instructions: No children under twelve years of age are permitted in this session. Talking, mobile phones, and other distractions are not permitted.

Make sure you wear comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or blanket so that you may lay down!

Best results come from regular sessions! Keep your eyes peeled for information about the concert near you!


for tailored experience

The protocols used during individual sessions come from the masters and practitioners: Tashi Lama (and after his passing in eighties through Shree Krisha Shahi), Shree Krishna Shahi, Ram Kumar Shrestha, Sundeep Lamsal, Santa Ratna Shakya and Geshe Khenpo Ratsa. Himalayan approach differs considerably from European schools of sound massage with bowls, both in mindset and in terms of actual technique of the session. The practice is a reflection of human genius focusing on getting maximised effect while using the simplest of methods. It is the fruit of ancient tradition of Himalayas, Tibet specifically, where the knowledge has been verified, accumulated and passed on mostly through the practice and experience only.


Our bodies are built from over 70% of water which is  a natural conductor of sound. It carries vibrations 5  times quicker than the air. The sound penetrates the body and reaches all the tissues, bones, muscles, organs, cells, blood – there are no boundaries for sound. It balances, harmonises, soothes and heals. These properties of sound have been known to different cultures almost from the beginning of time.

Take a look at this live blood analysis video demonstrating the benefits of sound bath…


See how sound affects matter in this interesting video!

And imagine how does it feel to be surrounded by the vibrations and think what happens in the cells of your body when you are bathing in the traditional sounds used for healing for centuries…!





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