It’s not about wishing to perform like a top star…

it’s about asking “how can I dance like that”…

and “who do I need to become”…

– Danka


Learn faster

How much more will you take out of your dance classes when you train yourself to absorb information quicker…how much quicker will you progress when you learn routines that much faster…how much quicker will you improve when harnessing your mind you gain more flexibility, more body awareness, better stamina and balance…

Improve your confidence

How much more enjoyable your dancing life will be when you have your ultimate confidence to dance, to perform, to teach…and to socialise… where you want, with whom you want, when you want…


Stop worrying

How much better your dancing experience will be when you stop worrying about every day things, knowing all is under control and going well…when your mind is clear and set on creativity, expression, freedom to flow…

Achieve more

What will it do for you to reach your goals, your dreams… and beyond… in your dancing, in your performing, in your teaching… not only on the dance floor but also in general health, relationships with others, with your finances…


when you learn quicker...

Do you attend many classes, painstakingly repeating moves after moves or steps after steps without ever feeling like you are getting it very easily?

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror when training and notice that you aren’t as fluid in your movements as you would like to?

Do you feel you are doing well in your movements but struggle in other aspects of your dance?

Time to change this! You can release the blocks preventing you from learning quicker and become flexible and smooth with mind coaching.


and enjoy your time...

Do you feel awkward on the dancefloor and lack confidence in yourself?

Do you feel judged by others or do you beat yourself down when comparing yourself to better dancers?

Do you feel you are not good enough to approach certain people or feel like you always keep missing out because you never have the courage to ask?

Do you ever struggle to socialise during parties or events even if you want to?

Time to change this! With mind coaching for dancers you can finally get the confidence you always wanted and be free to simply fully enjoy yourself.


when you release old tensions...

Do you ever feel stiff in your body that prevents you from doing certain moves?

Do you often find yourself hurting in specific areas and it keeps coming back no matter what you do?

Do you have an old injury which stops you from progressing and nothing you tried helped?

Do you ever feel you could do more with your body but something keeps stopping you from achieving your goals?

Time to change this. Mind coaching recognises mind-body connection and allows to release old stress stored in the tissues and removes the root causes of tensions, for you to finally have the range of motion you desire.


when you expand your awareness...

Do you ever struggle with nerves in competitions and constant worry impacts your performance?

Do you feel like you reached certain limit and struggle to break through into the next level?

Do you ever struggle to keep good relations with your partner, argue, loose connection or struggle to find appropriate person altogether?

Do you feel burnt out or lack creativity to come up with new exciting routines?

Time to change this. Mind coaching allows you to bring new perspectives, bring calmness and harmony, resolve past conflicts, and find new resources to leapfrog to new heights.


when you have full flow...

Have you been prone to mistakes or incidents and they keep reoccurring?

Have you been under constant pressure and stress to keep delivering best shows and it takes it’s toll on you?

Have you noticed engaging in unhealthy coping ways to deal with stresses?

Have you felt exhausted and struggling to keep going because of the tough training and shows schedule to push through?

Have you felt travelling is bothersome and impact your performance level?

Do you feel lacking new opportunities or ways to expand?

Time to change this. When you make the decision to get the mind coaching, you release old ways of thinking, get clear vision, feel grounded, fulfilled, excited again, with everything you achieved so far you know your life can only get better.


when you expand your proprioception...

Do you ever feel like you stumble or bump into each other?

Do you ever feel like you are not in sync to other dancers or misaligned with music?

Do you ever feel like you are not as good as other members in some aspect, like performance, stamina, body shape or weight, expression, etc.?

Do you ever make weird faces or have a habit that is bothersome and you can’t get rid of?

Time to change this. With mind coaching allow yourself to become the best you can be, moving perfectly through the space and music around with whom, when, where and how you want.


when you are in the zone...

Have you been teaching for a while and stuck in stale routines?

Have you been struggling to keep the classes flowing?

Have you felt like your communication skills let you down sometimes?

Have you been struggling with other areas of life like finance or relationships that impact your ability to deliver quality classes?

Are you too busy in your teaching that no matter how hard you try you always end up missing out on social life or putting off a hobby?

Time to change this. If you can imagine yourself feeling completely absorbed in teaching fully booked top level classes when all other aspects of you life simply go well, you are free to be your best self and your students can tell, you know with the right mind coaching you can have it.


Awareness and taking action leads to success...

    Used by world's top performers in sports, business, show business...

    A combination of years of study and personal experience means our methods are true and tested. This is top level technology with repeatable results. Mind coaching at it’s best. Finally tailored specifically for dancers.

    With the best mind expert in the field of dancing

    With special training in human mind, social behaviours, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, body performance improvement, as a wellbeing consultant, nervous system specialist as well as experienced dancer, there isn’t a better person in the world to coach you, all in the most comfortable and safe atmosphere.

    Get the best services tailored to your needs

    Depending on your needs, we offer audio based performance improvement programs, video courses, as well as one on one coaching. You may also attend one of our group workshops. Look out for information about upcoming dance transformation retreat!

    Entrust yourself to our expertise

    There are many contributing factors to your dancing performance. One that is often neglected in general health at home. Find out more about what you can do to not only learn about better ways to take care of yourself every day to help your body regenerate quicker and improve the overall health and wellbeing in natural way, but also using out elite mental coaching quickly implement new habits…


mind coaching isn't for you if...

DON’T proceed if you aren’t ready to become the dancer, performer or teacher you always wanted to be.

DON’T proceed if you think going to classes and repeating moves is all you need to overcome your long held limitations.

DON’T proceed if you cannot follow instructions and take advice.

BUT! If you aren’t that person described above


DON’T want to waste your time trying to figure it all out by yourself…

Get in touch. We don’t work with everyone but we will let you know if we can work with you after personal consultation.





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